Upon booking your telemedicine visit, you will receive an email confirmation with the instructions you'll need to complete your telemedicine visit.

If you plan to join the telemedicine visit from your Laptop or Desktop Computer (which will need a webcam), then you can simply click the "Begin your video visit" at the time of your appointment.

However, if you plan to join from a Smart Phone or Tablet then you'll need to download either the iOS (for iPhone or iPad) or Android app. You'll notice there's a link to install the app directly in the email:

Once you install the app, if you open it directly you will see the following screen:

As you can see in Step 2, you'll need to go back to the email from your Provider, and then click the "Begin your visit" button. Make sure that when the app launches, that if presented with an option, you choose to launch it from the NextPatient app.

Once you are in the visit, just click the "TELL THE PRACTICE YOU"RE READY" button, and you'll be ready to see your Provider.